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Government may expand NiCE work

Commerce Minister Joey Hew says government is considering expanding its National Community Enhancement (NiCE) project from a twice-yearly initiative to a more long-term approach.

NiCE participants to get two more weeks of work

Infrastructure Minister Joey Hew has pledged additional work for National Community Enhancement (NiCE) programme workers next month as the latest cohort hit the streets this week for the start of the annual Christmas clean-up campaign.

NiCE provides job opportunities during pandemic

The Christmas edition of the annual National Community Enhancement programme, known as NiCE, is gearing up to begin next week.

Winter NiCE work project launches next month

Unemployed Caymanians can sign up for the annual winter National Community Enhancement Project, known as NiCE, which will offer them up to two weeks of paid work in the run-up to Christmas.

Hundreds sign up for NiCE jobs

Hundreds of Caymanians filled the Lions Centre Wednesday morning seeking temporary jobs through the National Community Enhancement (NiCE) winter project. By 10am, the event had...

NiCE registration opens next week

Government will open registration next week for the winter edition of its National Community Enhancement (NiCE) programme.

NiCE crew provides sargassum relief on Grand Cayman beaches

Six workers with the National Community Enhancement Project, known as NiCE, cleaned Cayman’s beaches of invasive seaweed from South Sound to North Side this month.

200 tons of sargassum cleared in 2 weeks

Government is considering hiring full-time crews to keep the island’s beaches sargassum free after unemployed workers in the NiCE programme removed 200 tons of the foul-smelling seaweed from Grand Cayman’s coastline in the space of two weeks.

NiCE summer work wraps up

This summer’s National Community Enhancement work project, known as NiCE, finished on Friday, after 486 unemployed Caymanians, working in 18 teams, completed the two-week clean-up programme.

NiCE workers clear sargassum from beaches

Seasonal workers in the National Community Enhancement programme have been removing sargassum seaweed from the local beaches over the past week.

NiCE workers hit the streets

National Community Enhancement project workers paint kerbs at the junction of Shedden Road and North Sound Road in George Town on the first day of the NiCE summer project.

RCIPS holds community clinics

Last week, the West Bay community police officers carried out community clinics in different locations, with several more anticipated throughout the summer.

NiCE Sargassum

Today's editorial cartoon.

EDITORIAL – A NiCE way to manage sargassum

As government works on a long-term strategy for managing unsightly (and awfully smelly) mounds of beached sargassum, it makes sense to call on the National Community Enhancement programme, known as NiCE, for assistance, as has been proposed.

EDITORIAL – When ‘less is more,’ but none is better

In recent weeks we have noticed, with a certain degree of satisfaction, that we have not been noticing certain nuisances around Grand Cayman that heretofore have been irritating us to no end.
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NiCE program continues through Friday

Almost all of the 518 people who applied for seasonal work will benefit from the National Community Enhancement Winter Project, which is currently under way.

Naughty and Nice

Today's editorial cartoon.

EDITORIAL – A NiCE way to kick off the holiday season

Fust in time for the holidays, beginning at 9 o’clock this morning, Cayman will embark on a most worthwhile effort, cleaning up our island for our visitors and residents who deserve not just pristine sand and seas but, indeed, pristine highways and byways as well. Spit spot. That’s the spirit.

NiCE jobs, if you can get them

Hundreds of Caymanian applicants showed up for the annual year-end National Community Enhancement (NiCE) project at the Lions Centre on Monday, Nov. 19.

Dates set for winter NiCE program

The traditional end-of-the-year National Community Enhancement project will run Nov. 26 to Dec. 14.

EDITORIAL – Preventing plastic from despoiling our beaches

Full-time government beautification and cleanup crews would be able to keep Cayman’s persistent trash problems in check, yielding a pristine environment to be enjoyed by Cayman’s residents and visitors, alike

65 sites targeted by NiCE summer workers

More than 65 sites were targeted in last month’s government-sponsored cleanup project.

EDITORIAL – Bad things can happen to ‘NiCE’ programs

Like many in Cayman, we have spotted in recent days teams of NiCE workers at work alongside our highways, and, frankly, their efforts are making a noticeable difference.

NiCE work if you can get it

Workers on Cayman’s community summer cleanup were putting in a full shift Wednesday, clearing bush and weeds from an old cemetery in West Bay.

Job program workers to receive training, references

Workers taking part in the summer National Community Enhancement program will receive extra incentives for the work they do, in a bid to improve their resumes and their chances of eventually finding full-time employment, the government announced Friday.

EDITORIAL – A NiCE idea to keep Cayman beautiful all year

Although the putting of extra money in Caymanians’ pockets tends to get top billing in government materials, the NiCE program has at least two other objectives that are even more important to the individuals and the island

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