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Crime statistics

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Need for speed

Today's editorial cartoon.

EDITORIAL – Please, no more reports on the causes of crime

The tools allotted to the police, the courts and our prisons, unfortunately but realistically, are very crude tools indeed. They are fashioned to deal with malefactors AFTER they have misbehaved.

EDITORIAL – Magistrate hits the mark on seriousness of illegal motorbiking

This particularly egregious case is a microcosm of the island’s serious issue of reckless motorbiking – behavior which is obnoxious, dangerous, illegal and, at its worst, a blatant display of disdain for police and disregard for the concepts of public safety and law and order.

EDITORIAL – When ‘less is more,’ but none is better

In recent weeks we have noticed, with a certain degree of satisfaction, that we have not been noticing certain nuisances around Grand Cayman that heretofore have been irritating us to no end.

Police respect

Today's editorial cartoon.

EDITORIAL – Hit and run: The latest assault on law enforcement

This dual degradation of the public’s respect for police, and the police’s relationship with the public, is an extremely troubling trend that if left unchecked, could and will erode the cultural cornerstone of law and order.

School bus stop

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EDITORIAL – Respect school buses, protect Cayman’s schoolchildren

Road Safety 101: When you see red flashing lights on a school bus, stop your car. There is no excuse not to.

Letter: Solving traffic gridlock

This is not about politics or any one group of people, this is about our island home and the comfort we all should live in.

EDITORIAL – Beach patrols respond to crime wave

Underneath their smiles, we expect our police to be tough – and to enforce the law.

EDITORIAL – Bad things can happen to ‘NiCE’ programs

Like many in Cayman, we have spotted in recent days teams of NiCE workers at work alongside our highways, and, frankly, their efforts are making a noticeable difference.

EDITORIAL – Water hazards: The perils of reckless ‘jet ski’ operators

Like their notorious counterparts on two wheels, antisocial operators of personal watercraft are turning Cayman’s coastlines into speedways, threatening lives and interfering with others on (and under) the water.

Tinted windows

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Mr. Big Shot

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Beach valuables

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Travel guide

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Letter: Prioritize safety

Safety and security of visitors while in the Cayman Islands is paramount and key to the desirability of “Caymans” as a world tourist destination.

EDITORIAL – Tinted windows: RCIPS can see clearly now …

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service’s crackdown on illegally tinted windows may seem like a small thing, but it sends a message that Cayman is a country of laws that are in place to be obeyed – not to be ignored, inconsistently enforced or “winked at.”

Prison ganja

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EDITORIAL – Gun amnesty: One tool in our fight against crime

Will this month’s gun amnesty rid Cayman of the scourge of illegal firearms? Not entirely. Still, it is a worthwhile effort.


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EDITORIAL: Word on the street: Pedestrians beware – and be careful

While everyone, including pedestrians, cyclists, motorbikers, and car and truck drivers, has a responsibility to “share the road,” the reality is that burden is not shared equally. In any contest between a moving vehicle and the human body, steel always prevails.


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Empty till

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Letter: Concerns about children and safety

I have been to see a Councilor in the Ministry of Education about several issues concerning our schoolchildren that are of great concern to me, and I believe others as well.

Beach patrol

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More paperwork

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EDITORIAL – Rules of the road: Taming Cayman’s asphalt jungle

As anyone with a passing familiarity with Linford Pierson and Esterley Tibbetts highways (where much of the enforcement operation was concentrated) could tell you, it would not be unreasonable to expect police to be able to issue citations to more than 341 speeders per day.

Motorbike enforcement

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EDITORIAL – When authorities ‘surrender’ to lawbreakers

It is beyond any measure of acceptability that our justice system simply admits its own impotence (and/or incompetence) and “surrenders” in the face of such blatant lawlessness and civil provocations.

Mail Call: Violent crimes

All of Grand Cayman is talking about a recent string of violent crimes, and what might be done to make our island safe again.

EDITORIAL – When convictions go unrecorded in our courts

Along the marl road, the appearance of favoritism can leave as great an impression as fact. It can contribute to erosion of public trust in the judiciary, perhaps the public institution that relies most on unimpeachability and integrity.

Cayman crime

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Fast service

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EDITORIAL – Cancer of crime demands aggressive treatment

Last weekend’s shoot-out between armed robbers and police officers is a new and most dangerous high-water marker in an incoming tide of serious criminality.

Mitchell: Cheer the motorist who destroyed a DC speed trap

By the way, I have no objection to cameras that nail jerks who blow through an intersection three seconds after a light has turned red. Those are people who risk innocent lives.

EDITORIAL – Reversing our disturbing increase in traffic accidents

It’s time to hit the brakes and seek answers as to why our roadways are so dangerous and deadly.

The winner

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Letter: A marvelous start to an unforgettable day

Imagine meeting St. Fabian and the devil in one very full, unforgettable day!

EDITORIAL – Dancing in the street: A ‘tip of the hat’ to Officer O’Connor

With his crisp white gloves and good-natured disposition, Officer O’Connor is upbeat and unflappable (a survival quality for someone standing in the middle of George Town intersections). May we be the first to nominate him as a worthy ambassador of these islands?

Police respect

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Traffic accidents

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EDITORIAL – The origin of Cayman’s traffic accidents: Our ‘big bang’ theory

Ranging from simple fender benders to tragic fatal accidents, it seems that Cayman’s problems with collisions, wrecks and smashups date back to shortly after the country’s first automobile — a 1905 Cadillac — rolled off a boat into George Town 104 years ago.

EDITORIAL – Drive, drag or tow: Derelict cars have got to go

In many cases, these vehicles can present clear safety hazards, as they are being left for days or weeks alongside (or even on) some of the busiest stretches of asphalt in Cayman, including the Esterley Tibbetts Highway and West Bay Road.

EDITORIAL – ‘Matchstick homes’: A clear and present danger in Cayman

To prevent future conflagrations – and possible deadly tragedies – officials from relevant departments must step up to ensure that every dwelling in these islands is safe for human habitation.

No fun at all

Today's editorial cartoon

Today's editorial cartoon

EDITORIAL: This season, decide not to drink and drive

By all means, enjoy the season. But if you choose to partake in “Christmas cheer,” choose not to drive – to make it easy on yourselves, make plans for transportation home, before you leave the house, and long before that first sip.

The road block

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EDITORIAL – Marauding motorbikers: When police lose control of our streets

These marauding motorbikers are making Commissioner Byrne, the RCIPS and Cayman’s prosecutorial and judicial system look ineffective and impotent. It has become a highly visible mockery of their inability to enforce the rule of law on this island.

EDITORIAL – Two Compass stories that readers may find difficult to believe

Sometimes even we have difficulty believing some of the stories we print in this newspaper (no wisecracks, please; we’ve already heard all those jokes). Two prime examples appeared last week:

EDITORIAL – Medical cannabis: Sober reflection on drug law

Our country seems to be of two (or more) conflicting minds about ganja, and whether its use should be tolerated, discouraged or punishable by prison.

Da Roosters

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Bad September

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LETTER – Director of Public Prosecutions Response to Compass ‘snail bail’ editorial

Whilst [it] is perfectly open for investigatory agencies to comment publicly about the submission of files to this office, it is not our general policy to do so.

Chicken to go

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EDITORIAL – Byrne demonstrates leadership in wake of RCIPS child abuse errors

Notably, the commissioner did not try to bury the critical report or send out an insipid press release late on a Friday afternoon; instead he called a news conference where, flanked by his top commanders, he took ownership of the issues, pledged to make needed improvements – and apologized to victims.

EDITORIAL – Hurricane watch: Keeping our eyes on ‘Ms. Irma’

At the Compass, we will continue to monitor closely the path of Irma and keep our readers updated both in our print editions and, for even more timely information, on our website (caymancompass.com).


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EDITORIAL – The societal danger of uncivil behavior

Respect for police authority, and for one’s fellow man, is a cornerstone of a civil society. These anti-social behaviors are increasingly being displayed by young and old, from every walk of life.

EDITORIAL – Fire service review: Shouldn’t Chief Hails be the ‘first responder?’

If the Ministry of Home Affairs has concerns about the fire service, the first call should be to Chief Hails. Ask what resources he needs to do his job, and then provide them.

EDITORIAL – Illegal motorbikers: Police must take back control of our roads

With every incident, it becomes increasingly clear that current means, methods and strategies are not capable of dealing effectively with Cayman’s menacing motorbikes.

EDITORIAL – Statues vs. statutes: Law and order must prevail on the Brac

Legally speaking, what constitutes “obscenity” is for a court to determine – not us, not Brac residents and certainly not the criminal miscreants who trespassed on Mr. Kynes’s land and destroyed his property.

EDITORIAL – Fuel tank fire: Sol soars in the aftermath

Sol’s post-fire actions remind us that even the largest and most “multinational” firms rely ultimately on local workforces in local markets.

EDITORIAL-We’ve got your number … Or wish we had

When the next emergency occurs, officials should use every tool at their disposal, via every medium to ensure vital information is being sent and received.

Editorial – Road rally: Revving up our justice system

As far as we know, not a single case resulting from the crackdown has been carried through to conviction or exoneration before judge or jury. Why not?

EDITORIAL — Cayman’s latest roadway tragedy

Nothing we do can go back to prevent the horrible accident that cut short a life, or any past accident that has resulted in death or serious injury, but we can resolve to do better moving forward.

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