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Governor’s Office: Cayman expected to remain on UK’s ‘green watchlist’

Cayman's place on the UK's travel list is expected to remain unchanged even though the country has now moved from sporadic/imported COVID-19 cases to level one community transmission.
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UK moves BVI to amber travel list amid rising COVID cases

The UK government, in the latest review of its 'travel light' travel lists, on 14 July, removed the British Virgin Islands from its green travel list amid a marked increase in COVID-19 cases there.

Green list: What it means

A look at what inclusion in the UK green travel list entails, with Cayman to be added on 30 June.
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Cayman added to UK green travel list

The United Kingdom government confirmed today that the Cayman Islands has been added to its green travel list, meaning people entering Britain from here will no longer be required to quarantine from 30 June.

Northern Ireland hints at Cayman’s addition to UK green travel list

The Northern Ireland Executive has released a green travel list which includes the Cayman Islands, shortly before the UK is expected to announce its list.

UK expected to release new green list

The British government is expected to announce details of the latest review of its green, amber and red travel lists, according to UK media reports.

Panton: Cayman’s exclusion from UK green travel list ‘unfair’

Fears over the mutated variant of COVID-19 impacting the planned lifting of the UK's lockdown later this month has led to the British government's decision not to add more countries and jurisdictions to its green travel list.

UK reports: Cayman remains on amber list

No new countries or jurisdictions have been added to the UK green travel list, meaning Cayman remains on the amber list, according to a BBC report.

UK expected to update green travel list Thursday

The UK government is expected to announce its revised travel lists tomorrow, according to British media reports.

Premier: Cayman to push to be put on UK green travel list

Premier Wayne Panton says the Cayman Islands plans to push the United Kingdom to add the islands to its green travel list, which comes into effect on 17 May.
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Cayman excluded from UK’s travel ‘green list’

Cayman has been excluded from Britain's new quarantine-free travel 'green list' despite having a vaccination rate of almost double the UK and no community transmission of COVID-19 since last year.

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