Today’s Editorial: Evil spirit is drifting

Jamaican Minister of National Security Dr. Peter Phillips believes an evil spirit has taken hold of Jamaica.

From the news accounts of daily rapes, savage murders and general mayhem coming out of that country, we believe he is right.

What is scary, though, is that lately it feels like that black cloud of demons is spreading out of Jamaica and in to the Cayman Islands.

While we haven’t experienced the gruesome murders Jamaica sees on an almost daily basis, we are seeing an increase in crimes never before known to these shores.

A carjacking occurred on Grand Cayman just last Friday.

In broad daylight.

By men wearing masks.

In broad daylight.

By men carrying handguns.

In broad daylight.

Just Tuesday a Crewe Road home was entered and items stolen.

In broad daylight.

It appears there is a gang or gangs armed with walkie talkies. Someone goes to a home or business, checks to see if anyone is there and if not, walkie talkies his mates and the dirty deed of thievery is done.

The alleged culprit to Tuesday’s burglary was caught because the unknowing home owner arrived as the thievery was occurring.

We can’t afford to become like the pockets of crime havens so prevalent in much of Jamaica.

And it’s not just because we are a tourist destination.

We can’t afford it because it’s not in our nature. We are a civil, genteel people by nature. This introduction to the types of crime being committed now in these islands has been unheard of.

People are fearful to walk down some of the roads in Jamaica; and rightfully so.

That same fear should not be placed on the shoulders of the people who live, work and play in the Cayman Islands.

It is said from time to time that the Cayman Islands is losing its culture and its heritage.

What a shame if in its stead we are creating a new culture and heritage of murder and mayhem.

We don’t have an answer to the problem and realize the Royal Cayman Islands Police has its collective hands full.

It is known that many of those committing these new crimes to Cayman are people who are new to the islands who may be coming in under the guise of helping rebuild Cayman. Maybe stricter Immigration guidelines will help with the problem.

We certainly hope so.

It’s a shame that the country so many of us know and indeed came from – Jamaica – now has a black cloud of evil hanging over its majestic mountains and sugary beaches.

It’s a cloud best left alone and kept away from the Cayman Islands.

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