Specific action to be taken in the Cayman Islands

This Statement Recommends Specific Action to be taken in the Cayman Islands

A Hurricane Warning is in effect for the Cayman Islands.

At 7 Am local time, the center of Hurricane Dennis was located at 18.0 N 75.6W. This position is 299 miles SE of Cayman Brac and 389 miles ESE of Grand Cayman. The hurricane is moving towards the NW at 13 mph with maximum sustained winds of 105 mph. The center of Dennis is forecast to move north of Cayman Brac early Friday morning.

Rain bands and gusty winds associated with the system will start affecting the Sister Islands from early afternoon, and Grand Cayman from this evening. The system is forecast to produce rainfall amounts greater than 3 to 8 inches, leading to widespread flooding of low lying areas. All residents of flood prone areas should take all necessary precautions for protection of life & property.

Tropical storm force winds, near 39mph with higher gusts, will start affecting the Sister Islands from late tonight. Winds over the Sister Islands will gradually decrease to below tropical storm force by Friday mid-morning. Grand Cayman will experience mainly winds, 20 – 25 mph with higher gusts, from early Friday morning through Friday afternoon.

Severe coastal flooding, huge battering waves and serious beach erosion will affect all coasts of the sister Islands. Coastal residents of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman should seek safe shelter away from the coast, by afternoon, as storm surges of 4- 6 feet with breaking waves of 9 -12 feet are expected to start affecting the coastline from Thursday evening.

The north, west and south coasts of Grand Cayman will experience breaking waves of 6 to 8 feet as well extensive coastal flooding with serious beach erosion from early Friday morning through Friday afternoon. Coastal residents on Grand Cayman should take all action necessary for protection of life & property.

A High Tide will occur at 11:31 pm on Thursday, shortly before the time of predicted maximum winds for Cayman Brac, and this will lead to higher storm surge and increased severity of battering from breaking waves.

All Boats are urged to remain in safe harbour and residents of the Cayman Islands should continue to monitor local Media for the latest information from the National Hurricane Committee and Weather Service.

The next bulletin will be issued at: 5 p.m. Thursday.

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