These paintings absolutely original

Eighteen youngsters from Cobalt Coast Sea camp Outreach program have raised $1,465.00 for the environment through art.

The funds raised, will be donated to the Department of the Environment’s Turtle Satellite tracking program and the National Trust’s Coral Reef Exploration for children program.

Guided by visiting marine artist Ron Steven, commonly known as “Rogest,” youngsters created their own unique piece of marine art using the Australian Aboriginal style of dot painting.

Over a period of 2 days, the youngsters engaged in discussions of local habitat and species diversity, the aboriginal art culture and research of marine organisms to create a painting of their choice.

Students learned about marine ecology, sustainability and population diversity; aboriginal traditions, beliefs and customs; acrylic painting skills and techniques as well as had the opportunity to have their work contribute to the marine environment.

The paintings were auctioned off at the Cayman Butterfly Farm to the community.

One painting of a turtle, created by Mikhail Campbell, age 17 of the Cayman Boy Scouts was sold for $600 to Boatswain’s Beach.

This painting will be used to create a poster for the promotion of Cayman culture, art and marine appreciation.

The poster will be created by Ron Steven and available at the October Diving Equipment and Marketing Show in Las Vegas, and well as other Boatswains Beach promotional activities.

‘This year the Department of the Environment will be releasing three turtles with satellite tracking capability. The funds raised will help to sponsor one of the turtles that will be named “Rogest”, in recognition of the work done by Ron in creating the program and involving the local kids in it,’ stated Joni Solomon of the Department of the Environment.

Casandra Hibbert of the new Boatswain’s Beach development said, “We were proud to be a sponsor of this program, it was fun and the kids learned a lot.

Cayman Turtle Farm/ Boatswain’s Beach recognizes the importance of these programs that educate kids on our marine environment and we look forward to supporting an even bigger and better Kids Sea Camp next year”.

The programme was hosted by Dive Tech.