Cayman a hot listing in New York Magazine

The Cayman Islands feature strongly in the new issue of New York Magazine, for its pristine calm waters, dive sites and some new eco-friendly accommodations.

The November 7 issue of the magazine (released this past Monday) features its Everything Guide to the Caribbean and highlights the Cayman Islands in two different sections.

Little Cayman is listed as ‘one of the next ‘It’ islands’, along with four other destinations (Culebra, Ambergris Caye, West Caicos and Curacao). It mentions popular activities such as kayaking and diving Bloody Bay Wall, amid Little Cayman’s pristine surroundings.

‘Iguanas may outnumber residents (just 170) on this tiny ten-mile-long island with only one road,’ it reads. ‘And along the north shore, the underwater fantasyland of Bloody Bay Marine Park has spectacular snorkelling, including the best dive in the Caribbean, the 1,000-foot Bloody Bay Wall’.

Additionally, the new eco-friendly bungalows opening at Southern Cross Club are expected to be an attractive option for eco-conscious travellers.

‘That would doubtless attract support from green New Yorkers,’ the magazine states.

This section is illustrated with a colourful underwater photo of a diver at Bloody Bay Wall.

Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach is named as the Best Beach for Non-swimmers, describing the consistently warm and calm waters found along the stretch of powdery white sand.

‘With an average winter water temperature of 80 degrees, and just about the calmest water outside a swimming pool, the gorgeous five-and-a-half-mile long powdery white beach is a great bet for the water-wing crowd. Big resorts (like the brand new Ritz Carlton and the recently remodelled Marriott) dominate the beach, but none of it is private.’

Grand Cayman is listed along with 12 other destinations which fall under other categories such as Best Sunset, solitude and celebrities.

New York Magazine has a circulation of 427,825, and according to the Department of Tourism’s New York based PR agency Missy Farren & Associates, is read by those who want to keep a finger on the pulse of New York City, its people, politics, culture and hot trends.

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