Relishing days gone by

We are living in a rapidly changing world and Cayman is no exception.

A few weeks ago visas were not required by nationals from many countries to enter the Cayman Islands but today, a visa is required and this is one of the rapid changes that I refer too.

Jamaicans now need a visa to enter the island and rightly so. I have employed many Jamaicans over the years and I’ve found some good ones but the bad ones overpowered the good.

The good Jamaicans living here will tell you that they left their country as a result of a high crime rate and this cannot be denied.

Only a few days ago I heard a radio broadcast to the effect that 1,500 murders had been committed in Jamaica from January through sometime in November 2005 and this is appalling.

I realize that some Caymanians commit crimes from time to time but I hope, that with the new stringent laws being introduced and with new blood in the Police Department, that we will be able to return to the status we held some years ago when we could proudly say that we had little or no crime.

As a result of Hurricane Ivan, the Immigration policies were relaxed and this has created a very serious problem which is very unfortunate. Nevertheless, with the tight controls now being introduced, the element of crime that was being experienced seems to be reducing noticeably.

Jamaica has introduced a visa system for Caymanians to enter their shores and they have every right to try to control their borders as we are trying to control ours.

Norberg K. Thompson

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