SMB gets beat officer

Constable Jon Siddall has been named the new Community Beat Officer for the Seven Mile Beach area.

Mr. Siddall, who has been with the RCIP for six months, is an experienced career police officer who has served 15 years with the British Police Service and two years with the Bermuda Police Service, states an RCIP press release.

He is an experienced investigator, trained in conflict resolution and mediation, and the pioneer of many groundbreaking neighbourhood and business-oriented community related schemes.

Trained in many different fields that will assist his role within the Community Relations Department of the RCIP, Constable Siddall hopes to provide approachable and dependable pro-active policing to the area.

Using a police mountain bike as his only form of transport, Constable Siddall intends to instil trust and integrity by building one on one relationships with the area’s many businesses, hotels, licensed premises and residents.

Constable Siddall said he has already received a warm welcome from the community.

‘Having worked in a community role for many years overseas, it’s been refreshing to speak to Cayman’s managers, publicans, business owners and hoteliers who have all welcomed me with open arms,’ he said.

‘I hope to continue to build positive working relationships to the benefit of the community whilst addressing issues that affect the comfort and well being of the areas many permanent residents.’

Constable Siddall can be contacted at Georgetown Police Station on telephone number 949-4222 or cell number 926-0639. Constable Siddall also encourages e-mail contact at [email protected]