Primary school inspected

Creek and Spot Bay Primary School, which was formed from the amalgamation in 2003 of Creek Primary and Spot Bay Primary, was inspected as a single school for the first time in October 2005.

The inspection team judged that the school has a number of strengths and provides a satisfactory quality of education for its students, said a GIS press release.

The report states that the amalgamation has been handled very effectively and was a positive step forward. It goes on to say that there is room for improvement, in particular, the need for greater consistency of practice between and within the two sites.

In conclusion, inspectors reported that, with the existing commitment from the principals, strengths of the teaching staff and parental support, the school is well set to bring about the necessary improvements.

Since the inspection, the principals have already started to work on amending their improvement plan to take account of the recommendations in the report.

The inspection identified the following areas as strengths of the school:

The staff has created a caring and purposeful environment for students, who feel secure and enjoy coming to school.

Most students make good progress in language arts because of the good teaching.

Communication with parents is excellent.

The school receives very strong support from the parents and the community.

The principals have worked together well to bring about the effective amalgamation of the two schools.

Areas judged as needing to improve:

The teaching of mathematics across both sites, though there is some good practice.

The challenge for the most academically able students.

The way that teachers assess and track students’ progress, along with the use of performance data to influence how students are taught.

The way that policies are implemented and monitored

The way that the support for students with special educational needs is managed and coordinated.

The school is expected to modify its existing improvement plan to ensure that it includes these areas and to send this to the Education Department and Schools’ Inspectorate within 40 working days of the report being published.

The school is required to provide parents with an annual update on the progress that is being made in addressing the areas identified as needing to improve.

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