BREAKING STORY: Digicel gives away HummerH3

The long-anticipated give away of a bright yellow HummerH3 went off without a hitch lat night with Sharon Pryce winning the Digicel prize.

Excitement filled the air at Royal Palms as the 11 finalists gathered around the Hummer H3 to get one last look at the SUV.

Cayman 27 host Sheena Hurlstone kicked off the live show at 6:30pm with a brief introduction of each of the finalists. Finalists were then asked to draw a key from an assortment of Hummer keys, with only one key being the perfect fit to start the engine of the Hummer H3.

One by one, each of the finalists were invited to try their luck at fitting their key in the ignition of the Hummer. Excitement rushed through the crowd and cheers bellowed as each finalist anxiously tried their keys.

With only two finalists left, the winner was still to be determined. Would Mr. Clovis Smith drive away with the Hummer H3 or would Miss Sharon Pryce have the lucky key? As anticipation overwhelmed them both, Clovis took his chance at fitting his key. But to his disappointment, he discovered he did not have the winning key.

Immediately, Sharon screamed out with delight and dashed to fit her key in the Hummer ignition. To her astonishment, the car came to life.

‘I cannot believe this, am I dreaming? I am so overwhelmed I don’t know what to say. Thank you so much Digicel,’ Miss Pryce said immediately after her big win.

‘Sharon was one of last winners to spell ‘HUMMER H3′ and be entered into the draw. She was also the last to pick a key, so it seemed that she was destined to win!’ commented Digicel Head of Marketing Tina Trumbach.

‘These last couple of weeks have been phenomenal. The Hummer Time promotion has generated so much excitement and enthusiasm. We have been amazed with the level of participation and that is what has made the promotion so much fun. The hunt for the Hummer really caught people’s attention and sparked lots of energy and hype within the local community.Digicel would like to thank all of the customers that took part in the promotion; we certainly hope they had as much fun as we did. We would also like to congratulate Miss Sharon Pryce on winning the Hummer H3 and hope that she enjoys it.’

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