Police warn drug users

Drug users, as well as drug dealers, are now being actively targeted by the Royal Cayman Islands Police Services as part of its Relentless Crackdown campaign to curtail criminal activity in the Cayman Islands.

RCIPS Assistant Commissioner Anthony Ennis reported that 13 drug-related arrests, along with the seizure of a valuable car, were made in one particular area of the island recently.

Mr. Ennis said that among those arrested were two ‘decent citizens’ and he added that more arrests of drug users would be made.

‘If you are a user and have a respectable job, don’t bother asking for a break, because you’re not going to get it,’ he said. ‘We’re serious about this.’

When announcing the commencement of Relentless Crackdown last week, RCIPS Commissioner Stuart Kernohan noted the effects of the drug trade on the community.

‘We know there is a clear link between drugs and crime and we are determined to do everything we can to tackle the harm that is caused by illegal substances.’

Mr. Ennis commended the actions of a parent who recently found his or her child with drugs and notified the police.

Parents can play an important role in the war against drugs, Mr. Ennis noted.

‘You have to draw the line,’ he said.

‘It’s better to visit them in Northward (Prison) than looking at them in a casket.’

Parents can help police in other ways as well.

‘If your child hasn’t come home for four or five days after a serious crime has been committed and the police come knocking, you should talk to them. It takes parents like that to come forward.’

Mr. Kernohan also noted that parents have a role in preventing traffic fatalities. He said parents should inspect the cars of their child for things like wide tyres and big exhaust systems.

‘If they have it looking like a sports car, chances are they’re driving it like a sports car,’ he said.

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