Patch newest Blue

A special new resident was unveiled at the Grand Caymanian Resort this week – Patch, the Cayman Quilt Iguana.

Patch is the result of the work of five talented art students from Cayman International School, under the close guidance of art teacher Kirstin Hedger.

‘He’s wonderful,’ exclaimed Grand Caymanian Managing Director Theresa Foster. ‘He’s very bright and colourful and reflects traditional Cayman arts through his patchwork design.’

He was presented to the Grand Caymanian Resort and unveiled Thursday morning by the art students: Rayan Fresard, Victoria Bise, Alberto Ossorio, Elliot Hersant and Owen Foster (Theresa’s son). The students span from fifth through ninth grade.

The whole idea came about, explains Mrs. Foster, after the resort named its restaurant the Blue Iguana Grill and began supporting the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme.

Programme Director Fred Burton arranged for the resort to be given two large blue iguana sculptures. These are similar to the ones scattered all around the island and painted by local artists: the Blue Dragon Trail.

But instead of having her iguanas painted by professional artists, Theresa opted for the creative input of school children, who did a very impressive job of painting the patchwork iguana in bright colours.

Patch is the first of two iguanas that will adorn the resort.

Mrs. Hedger told the students that because this iguana would be photographed so much by tourists at his new home in the sand, just off the pool deck, that he would end up all over the world.

Also at the resort on Thursday morning were kindergarten and first grade students, to learn about the Blue Iguana from National Trust volunteer Jenny Nikolov.

The Grand Caymanian promotes the Blue Dragon Tour to its guests along with supporting the general awareness and the conservation and protection of what she terms ‘these horrifically endangered creatures which are number one as most endangered iguana’.

The menu in the restaurant explains all about the blue iguana’s plight to visitors and there are donation boxes located on the premises.

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