Postal survey goes online

The Cayman Islands Post Office is offering its postal survey to customers online as well as through the post.

Through the help of the Computer Services Department, the 12-question survey has a link to, said a press release from the Post Office.

Survey cup

Postal worker displays a coffee cup that customers will receive for handing in their survey. Photo: Submitted

The survey, which started Friday, has three main objectives: to see whether customers need extended hours or if they can complete their postal business during regular business hours; to establish whether Cayman Islands residents want home delivery of mail and parcels and whether they would be willing to pay for such a service; and to see whether postal clients are satisfied, and if not, what is required to meet this objective.

To encourage participation the Post Office will be rewarding customers who hand in their surveys between Monday and Friday, 1-5 May, between 9am and 11am., with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and a newspaper at Seven Mile Beach Post Office, Airport Post Office, and General Post Office in George Town. Cayman Brac (West End Post Office) and Little Cayman customers will receive fruit punch or juice and a newspaper. To sweeten the deal, customers will also receive a Post Office coffee cup on a first-come first-served basis.

Postmaster General Sheena Glasgow appealed for customers to fill out survey cards. ‘The results from this survey will be an important tool in developing a future plan for the Post Office. That is why we have put so much effort into rewarding customers for their participation as well as offering it online.’

Surveys can be handed in at any Post Office, mail drop, or online at any time. The survey ends on Friday, 5 May.

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