Art of Stamps at SMB PO

The Philatelic Bureau at the Seven Mile Beach Post Office is a collector’s delight in more ways than one.

Part of the Art of Stamps exhibition that was staged by the National Gallery until last month is now on display at the Philatelic Bureau, said a press release from the Post Office.

Ivan Burges, who co-curated the show with David Bridgman, assisted Philatelic Bureau manager Karen McField in setting up the display last week.

The display is different from the Art of Stamps exhibition in that more emphasis has been placed on the stamps.

‘The idea here is to stimulate collectors. So we wanted to highlight the stamps and see some of the technical aspects. This is clear because each of the six displays features the leaflet, and includes stamps and some first-day covers or souvenir sheets,’ Mr. Burges said.

Six series of stamps are currently featured in the Philatelic Bureau – Cayman Aviation History, Blue Iguana, Orchids, Quincentennial, Trafalgar, and the new issues including Cultural Trees and The Queen’s 80th Birthday.

Postmaster General Sheena Glasgow invites the public and collectors to drop by the Philatelic Bureau to view the display.

‘The display gives collectors and the public a unique opportunity to glimpse how stamp designs are developed, from pencil sketches to final artwork. Preliminary sketches and behind-the-scenes material for other stamps show the complexity of the process, which is seen in the Orchid display,’ she noted.

‘I would like to thank everyone who made this display possible, including the National Gallery, which lent us the Plexiglas.’

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