Summer fun set for kids

The Rogest Outreach Program is taking place this summer. The program involves a poem contest and a painting event that children can enter to win prizes.

The program will cover different areas of creativity that children may wish to explore, from literary to artistic.

The poem competition is open to all youth from age eight to 16. It requires children to write a poem about a Cayman sea turtle. The poem must have four key components in it and be presented in a subtle and enjoyable way.

The components that should be recognised are the environment, a moral to the story and fantasy and creativity. The story should target all ages, and work especially well for family reading time.

The deadline for the submission of poems is Friday, 16 June.

The poem competition will be judged by Ron Steven ‘Rogest’ and Boatswain’s Beach staff members at the reading event, which will be hosted by Boatswain’s Beach on the evening of Friday, 7 July.

The winner’s prize for the competition will consist of a custom-made Rogest T-shirt, art supplies, the Rogest Book for Kids and a Stingray City snorkel or dive trip for four people from Divetech.

The winning poem will also be published in several local magazines and websites accessible to all.

Runner-up winners will also receive a Stingray City trip for four from Divetech.

Poems should be submitted to Divetech Ltd, ROGEST POEM Competition, PO Box 31435 SMB, Grand Cayman. You can also email [email protected] or fax 946-5659.

Children are also encouraged to come out for two afternoons of painting at Cobalt Coast Resort. A canvas, sand, art supplies, a T-shirt, refreshments and lunch will be provided, along with inspiration and guidance to create a painting of the underwater world.

Last year, the paintings that were created by the 18 children that attended were auctioned, and CI$1,465 was raised. These funds were donated to two environmental causes, the Department of the Environment’s Turtle Satellite Tracking program and the National Trust’s Coral Reef Exploration books for children in Cayman’s school system.

The environmental causes this year will once again be the National Trust Coral Reef Exploration books, which aid in educating children on coral reefs and their importance to our environment.

The second cause this year will be Cayman Sea Sense, which is a local initiative developed with support from the Vancouver and South Carolina Aquariums, with the goal of promoting the sale of sustainable seafood items in restaurants and supermarkets island-wide. These sustainable items come from well-managed fish stocks that use acceptable fishing methods to minimise habitat destruction, by-catch and long or short-term population reductions in all marine species.

The painting event is open to youth from ages eight to 18. Children must be dropped off and picked up at Cobalt Coast Resort. A maximum of 20 children can be accommodated, so it is necessary to sign up as soon as possible.

The program will conclude with an auction of the paintings and live readings of the poems on the evening of 7 July. Parents and businesses are invited to come and hear the poems, bid on the artworks and congratulate the youth of Cayman in helping to raise funds for the environment.

In 2006, Mikhail Campbell’s painting was purchased for CI$600 by Boatswain’s Beach and is on display at the new marine park facility.

‘Rogest’, the green sea turtle that was sponsored and released can be viewed online in her travels at

Now through to 16 June – Submission of poems

5 and 6 July – afternoon sessions of painting from 1 to 5 pm

7 July – auction and poem winner completion from 6 to 7:30 pm.

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