World Cup prize re-drawn

The Budweiser and Cayman Distributors 2006 Germany World Cup competition was re-drawn Monday morning following a failed attempt to get a hold of the original winner.

2006 Germany World Cup

Claire Kelly of Cayman Free Press, centre, winner of the much coveted tickets to the 2006 Germany World Cup is pictured with Tangent Ambridge, Bar Manager at the Wharf, left, and James Mansfield Sales & Marketing Manager, Cayman Distributors. Photo: Submitted

The prize – two coveted tickets to the World Cup final in Germany including flights, accommodation, transport and pre-match hospitality valued at approximately $20,000 per ticket – was re-drawn with Claire Kelly of Cayman Free Press picked out as the lucky winner.

The original winner, a Mr. Phillips, was first drawn on Wednesday night at the Mango Tree, but Cayman Distributors were unable to make contact with him.

‘We tried to contact Mr. Phillips via a number of avenues, including immigration and through his phone provider Digicel,’ James Mansfield, marketing manager at Cayman Distributors said.

‘We were informed by Digicel that his number has not been in existence, which is puzzling, but things like this happen. Perhaps he wrote it down incorrectly on the entry form.’

Participants were able to enter the draw by purchasing a Budweiser, Bud Lite or Michelob Ultra. The server of the winner is the lucky recipient of the second ticket.

Tangent Ambridge, bar manager at the Wharf, served Miss Kelly when she entered her name into the prize draw, and will fly out with her on 6 July for the action-packed four-day trip.

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