Bigamy charged

A man using two names was in Summary Court on Wednesday facing charges under both of them. The latest charge is bigamy.

Paul Vivian Brown, 36, also called Junior Edward Black, is accused of marrying a woman in West Bay in March 2005 during the life of his wife.

It is alleged that Brown was married in Jamaica in 1997, that the wife is still living, and there was no divorce.

Bigamy is a charge that can be dealt with only in the Grand Court. Defence Attorney Lloyd Samson asked for a preliminary inquiry in time for the case to go to Grand Court at the opening of its next session.

Magistrate Grace Donalds set the inquiry for 5 September.

Crown Counsel Richard Barton Jr., who resisted an application for bail, said he would get the necessary papers to Mr. Samson in time.

As Junior Black, the defendant had been scheduled for sentencing for threatening violence against his Cayman wife. That charge arose from an incident in October 2005, when he said he would kill her.

He pleaded guilty with explanation and a pre-sentence report was ordered.

Meanwhile, as Paul Brown, he was charged with making false representations. Details are that, on various dates between 25 May 1997 and 31 January 2005, he produced a Jamaican passport in the name of Junior Edward Black.

He is also charged with illegal landing, using an irregular passport and failing to answer truthfully when questioned by an Immigration officer.

The magistrate put all matter to the September date and remanded the defendant in custody.

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