Today’s Editorial December 29: And we resolve to…

Once in a while we like to step away from the serious fray of the world and have a little fun.

That’s what we intend to do today with our annual New Year’s resolution column.

It’s all done in fun and we’re pretty sure that those on the receiving end will share a chuckle with us.

Instead of making our own New Year’s resolutions, we have some suggestions for some of the more influential people in our lives.

To Immigration Chief Franz Manderson, we think he should resolve to ban the word rollover from the Cayman vocabulary, unless it’s said to a dog.

Advice for top cop Stuart Kernohan: Start Operation Slow Down to ensure Cayman’s driver’s stop speeding.

For Works and Infrastructure Minister Arden McLean, we politely request the resolution of finishing all the roads he’s started.

A resolution for Health Minister Anthony Eden could be to have the same HSA CEO for the entire year.

Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts could resolve to make a decision to make a resolution – after extensive public consultation – and then stick to it.

Opposition Leader McKeeva Bush could resolve to stop talking to Desmond Seales.

And Tourism Minister Charles Clifford could make a resolution to stop antagonizing McKeeva.

While most of us resolve to lose weight at this time of year, Education Minister Alden McLaughlin could vow to gain weight so he can enter the realm of political big boys like Kurt and McKeeva.

Governor Stuart Jack could resolve to teach us all – Government leaders and laymen alike – the Boy Scout law and promise.

Remember, the above was written with tongue in cheek and meant only in the spirit of fun. No disrespect is intended.

Whatever you resolve to do in the New Year, we wish you much success on making the resolution and sticking with it.

January 1, 2007, gives us all a chance at a new beginning.

Make the year ahead count.

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