Ministry of Sports to host National Symposium

The Ministry of Education, Training, Employment, Youth, Sports and Culture will be hosting a National Sports Symposium on April 16th at the Marriott Hotel to give key stakeholders an opportunity to collectively discuss relevant issues and add input to the nationwide sports review which is currently taking place.

The all day symposium will include focus group discussions on key thematic areas identified by stakeholders during an initial information gathering process in March. Participants will also have an opportunity to hear remarks from a number of guest speakers, including Dr. Colin Higgs, a Professor at the School of Human Kinetics and Recreation, Memorial University of Newfoundland and local athletes Mr. Lee Ramoon and 2004 Olympian Mr. Shaune Fraser.

London based sport and leisure consultants PMP Consulting Ltd, who have been engaged to assist the Ministry with the process of consultation, data collection and analysis will also be in attendance. As well as being accomplished specialists in their field, PMP’s involvement will assist the Ministry by ensuring that the final output of the review delivers solutions uniquely tailored to the requirements of the Cayman Islands.

Hon. Alden McLaughlin, Minister with responsibility for Sports stated ‘This is the first time that such a comprehensive review on all aspects of sport has been undertaken and the sports symposium represents only one part of a wider consultative endeavor. During the review process, every effort will be made to gain feedback from members of the community to ensure that every voice has an opportunity to be heard, including those on our Sister Islands. This is the only way that the Ministry will be able to obtain a holistic and balanced view of sports.’

The key outputs of the four-month study will address four principal objectives identified by the Ministry and will assist in establishing a much-needed strategic direction for sports in the Cayman Islands. Other key objectives include the establishment of a national organizational structure which will define the roles and responsibilities of its component entities and an implementation plan for future development.

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