CIFA Foster’s League 2006/07 reaches its final

The final chapter of the CIFA Foster’s League for the 2006/07 season will come to a close on Sunday April 29th at 7:00 p.m. at the Annex. Two of the most consistent teams this season will be vying for the coveted Championship in what promises to be a match to remember.

Jeffrey Webb, center

CIFAs President, Jeffrey Webb, is flanked by Miguel Brown, President of Latinos FC (left) and Mario Watler, Captain for Scholars International (right). Both teams will be facing each other on the much anticipated Fosters League Final on Sunday April 29th at the Annex at 7:00 p.m.

Mr. Jeffrey Webb, CIFA’s President, said that ‘for us it has been an exceptional season, not only with the record breaking attendance we have experienced but also because of the fact that the standard of the players has risen. We are very pleased with the development and improvement experienced by all the Club members and the quality of play on the field this year. This competition started in October last year and 199 games have been played so far. It all comes down to the final on Sunday’

It is important to highlight the fact that Latinos FC and Scholars International have been two of the most solid and consistent teams this season and both come from the Western Zone; Scholars International finished on top of the Zone with only one game lost and Latinos FC was a very closed second, completely undefeated this season.

The state of facilities is also an important factor for the outcome of the season and great efforts and plans are being put in place to ensure that next season will find better stadiums to play in. ‘One of our biggest challenges since Hurricane Ivan in 2004 has been the state of facilities. We feel very encouraged by our talks with the Honorable Alden McLaughlin, who is working very hard together with the staff at the Ministry to improve the condition of the fields by November this year. We were very impressed as well with the presentation he did to the members of FIFA who came to do the Truman Bodden Sports Complex inspection a couple weeks ago’, he enthused.

Also, the attendance to the games has broken records, a fact that hasn’t escaped Mr. Webb’s attention. ‘When you see the big crowd and the attendance at the Annex you also have to realize that there are games being played simultaneously either at Bodden Town, or North Side or East End. CIFA has made an attempt to spread the game all over the Country, and that has played a pivotal role on attracting a fan base. In addition, the standard of play has improved as well as our PR and marketing efforts coupled with the great support we have got from the media. All of this plays well in building the sport and it will be a great platform for us to go forward for the 2007/08 season’, he concluded.

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