Poll: vacationing in US or Canada

More than half of the respondents to the latest caycompass.com online poll said their vacation plans for the summer would have them travelling to Cayman’s neighbours to the north.

Of the 257 total voters, 132 (51.4 per cent) said they were travelling to the United States or Canada this summer.

‘That is, if it stops raining in Texas,’ commented one person.

‘I am in Wisconsin now for surgery, so I guess that will be my vacation plans for this year,’ said someone else.

Twenty-four respondents (9.3 per cent) said they were travelling to Europe this summer.

‘It’s going to be expensive with the exchange rate, but I love Europe,’ said one person.

‘My vacation also includes three days in New York before transatlantic crossing on Queen Mary 2,’ said another person.

Twenty people (7.8 per cent) said they were travelling to Cayman Brac or Little Cayman during the summer.

Another 22 people (8.6 per cent) said they were travelling elsewhere. Some of the destinations included Cuba, South Africa, Australia, the Bahamas, Africa, the Dominican Republic and Turks and Caicos.

‘I’m going to Jamaica,’ said another person. ‘The best place in this world, no matter what people say. At least they still have their culture.’

‘Maybe Mexico,’ said someone else. ‘But I’m concerned about safety, so it might be a factor to look elsewhere.’

A full 23 per cent of the respondents (59 people) said they were not taking a summer vacation, most of them for financial reasons.

‘I’m struggling with bills; no extra for vacation,’ said one person.

‘I cannot afford to travel. I do not earn enough money. I have not had a vacation since 2002.’

‘I can’t afford the airfare or the spending money when I get there,’ said yet another person. ‘I’m going to sit back and relax on our beautiful Seven Mile Beach when no cruise ships are in.’

Cost was not the only reason for some people not taking a summer vacation.

‘Too many people at work with children,’ said one person. ‘I cannot take days off.’

‘Being rolled over,’ said another person.

‘Already went during off peak season,’ said someone else.

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