Resort takes eco approach

Little Cayman Beach Resort has taken steps to become more environmentally friendly.

Through the resort’s new ‘Dollar a Dive’ programme and use of cleaning chemicals which are Green Seal Certified, the resort is making efforts to help sustain the environment.

The resort, the largest on Little Cayman, just recently joined hands with the Central Caribbean Marine Institute in an effort to maintain delicate marine ecosystems through their ‘Dollar a Dive’ donation programme. The programme encourages divers and other guests at the resort to make donations that will go towards the conservation of the coral reefs.

‘Little Cayman Beach Resort and Reef Divers have always taken a focused approach towards environmental sustainability, and we are ramping up efforts in that vein,’ said Nicholas Wilson, the General Manager of the resort.

‘Community partnerships like this exemplify our dedication towards responsible environmental impact and community involvement and dedication.’

This new programme is not the only way in which the resort is extending its efforts towards environmental sustainability, however. The resort has announced the conversion of all their cleaning solutions. According to a press release they have adopted those that meet Green Seal’s environmental standard for industrial and institutional cleaners based on its reduced human and aquatic toxicity and reduced smog production potential.

Mr. Wilson stated the resort’s goals in terms of environmental sustainability with the new cleaning system. ‘We are very proud to adopt this system and look forward to more ways in which to reduce our environmental footprint.’

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