No beach erosion on 7 Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach appears to have suffered no beach erosion following the passage of Hurricane Dean and there could be even more sand thrown up on the beach.

‘There appears to have a bit of a net accretion of sand, at least on the Southern section of the Seven Mile beach’ said Director of the Department Environment Gina Ebanks-Petrie, who was down at the Marriott Grand Cayman on Tuesday morning, conducting a preliminary assessment.

‘We haven’t yet conducted a full survey and we are a little concerned about some of the turtle nests that haven’t hatched out yet. We will know more later on in the week.’

Linda Bishop an assessment and compliance officer at the Department of Environment explained that ‘scientists have been closely monitoring the coastline for evidence of turtle tracks during the breeding season,’ which takes place in the summer months. ‘We know the location of most of the nests, so beach walkers are now heading out to determine weather any of these nests were washed out by the heavy seas.’

While there was very little property damage reported from the storm, battering waves pounded ashore particularly on the South Coast of Grand Cayman.

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