Today’s Editorial for May 16: Making our own discoveries

On Monday we celebrate the founding of our country by taking off work for Discovery Day.

The public holiday falls in May this year, but it is particularly fitting that Discovery Day this year falls when it does.

In the past few weeks we have discovered many things about our culture and beliefs.

For starters, we have discovered that the majority of native Caymanians and some expats don’t want to see gays and lesbians displaying public acts of affection.

Many found the kiss shared between Aaron Chandler and his partner at a Seven Mile Beach bar recently repulsive.

We have also discovered that there are people on this island who are cruel to the point of killing seven Blue Iguanas at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park.

Through that incident, we have also discovered that there are many caring and generous people in our community who have donated money to help find and prosecute the person or people who killed the iguanas.

It is our hope that those who made pledges to the National Trust for this cause come through with the cash.

We have also discovered that there are as many different opinions on constitutional modernisation as there are people in this country.

Each day many of us are discovering ways to pinch pennies and learn how to deal with the increasingly high cost of living here.

For those who don’t know about our discovery, it’s credited to Christopher Columbus and his son who saw Little Cayman and Cayman Brac.

‘We were in sight of two small and low islands, full of tortoises (turtles) as was all the sea about, inasmuch that they looked like little rocks, for which reason these islands were called las Tortugas.’

The quote is taken from Ferdinand Columbus after seeing the islands on 10 May, 1503.

While Columbus is credited with discovering the Cayman Islands, it was actually Juan Vespucci who first mapped the Cayman Islands in 1526.

If you don’t know Cayman’s history, look it up. It’s quite interesting.

Because Monday is a public holiday we are headed into a long weekend.

We encourage everyone to drive safely, don’t drink alcohol and get behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle and use caution and obey all rules and regulations if boating on our waters.