Another escape

It is noted that there has been yet another security breach at the Immigration Detention Centre, which begs the following questions.

Are enough precautions being taken to reduce the incidents of these escapes? Is it due to inadequate building security at the Immigration Detention Centre or inadequate manpower or both? Is the problem due to overcrowding?

The current escape was preceded by another break out in July when 11 escapees made a go for it. Granted these were caught only a few hours later.

These breakouts present a two-fold problem for island security. Firstly, it uses vital manpower resources of both the Immigration Department and the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service to round up these escapees and return them to the Detention Centre. Secondly, these escapees could easily pose a security risk for the public by engaging in criminal activity and/or anti-social conduct resulting in quality of life issues.

It is hoped that the source of these breakouts will be identified and the necessary steps taken to prevent any future occurrence.

Geoff Daniels