Sharks ravage Canadiens

The Appleby Sharks defended their youth hockey title in exciting fashion last weekend.

The Sharks took down the Citco Canadiens 7-5 to claim their second consecutive youth hockey title.

Both teams play in the 12U division of the WestTel Youth Hockey League.

The Sharks made it into the finals after beating the Conyers Canucks 11-2. Tynan Klein and Mark Reid led the way with five and four goals respectively.

The Canadiens got in via a tense 5-4 win over the Five Continent Leafs. Leon Domladis led all scorers with three goals.

From the 12:30pm start the Sharks were the sharper team. They went after the puck and spaced themselves well on the surface of the WestTel Arena at Kings Sports Centre.

The Sharks swarmed the puck throughout the night and gave the Canadiens defense fits.

Coach Patrick Agemian did his part to rally the troops encouraging them to stay committed on defense and push up the puck where they could.

However the Canadiens goalie could do little but flail around trying to stop shot after shot. In the end the constant attack from the Sharks would reap many goals and put the game out of reach.

The 12U final was just one of a barrage of hockey action on tap for the day.

The 6U final took place at 11am between the Coldwell Bank Rangers and the RBC Trust Lightning.

The 9U final took place at 3pm between the KPMG Senators and the Caledonian Kings.