Police urge caution

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service is urging the community to make safety its top priority this Easter weekend.

Officers are gearing up for Easter weekend celebrations, which are likely to involve an increase in water-related activities, family events and camping and an increase in traffic on the road, particularly in the Eastern districts.

‘We have had a number of Easter weekends pass peacefully without major incident and we want this trend to continue,’ said Area Commander for the Eastern Districts Chief Inspector Richard Barrow. ‘We want people to be responsible. We don’t want to stop people having fun; we just want them to do it safely.’

Police operations will involve stationing the RCIPS’ mobile command unit at Kaibo and high visibility patrols being conducted in popular camping areas such as North Side, West Bay Public Beach and Barkers. The mobile command post will be manned full-time and people in the area are invited to make reports or police-related enquiries at the unit.

Officers from the traffic management unit will be assisting with traffic control and checking for drunk drivers. Cones will be placed around the North Side area to prevent double parking. Drivers are reminded that they need to obey all speed limits and should never get behind the wheel if they have had an alcoholic drink.

‘Anyone coming to North Side for the Easter celebrations should be mindful of their actions,’ stressed CI Barrow. ‘No-one should trespass on private land, music should be kept to an acceptable level and visitors should park considerately.’

Water safety

Officers from the joint Customs, Immigration and Police Marine Unit and the Department of Environment will be on hand to ensure safety on the water and are offering the following advice:

• Lobster season remains closed.

• Conch season remains opens until 30 April and are limited to five conchs per person or 10 per boat, whichever is less.

• Persons under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult to operate any powered watercraft, whether it is a boat or personal watercraft (wave runner).

• Life vests are required to be worn by each person on wave runners.

• Any vessel or watercraft must not be operated at speeds exceeding 5 mph within 200 yards of shore.

• People snorkelling and swimming are required to display a ‘diver’s down’ buoy or flag outside of 200 yards from shore.

• Vessels are not to be operated by persons under the influence of alcohol.

Camping safety

The following advice is being issued to people planning on camping this weekend:

• When cooking outdoors, stay 25 ft away from dry vegetation or flammable materials;

• All coals should be properly extinguished before discarding; this can be done by burying them in a deep hole or outing them with a bucket of water;

• Also, while cooking you should have a fire extinguisher or a bucket of water on hand, in case of emergencies;

• Use propane appliances in a well ventilated area and ensure that proper fittings are used; and

• Test for gas leaks in hoses or fittings by using soap and water.

• Always clean up after yourself. Littering is dangerous to the environment and is punishable by law.

Residents are reminded that when leaving their homes for camping or other Easter activities they should ensure that their property is completely secure. All windows and doors should be kept locked and if alarms are installed, they should be set.