Baby boot camp will be ‘fun’

Cayman Sports has organised the Cayman Baby Boot Camps to its list of sporting and fitness options.

Cayman Baby Boot Camp is an innovative programme where mums actually take their babies to the fitness class, and often the children are incorporated into the class format.

It helps moms regain or enhance pre-pregnancy fitness levels while enabling her to bond with their baby as well as other post natal moms.

It provides a supportive environment where moms can develop a sense of community while achieving their fitness goals at the same time

‘It’s a great chance for new moms to balance their fitness needs with their desire to spend time with their babies,’ said Cayman Sports head instructor Warren Urquhart.

‘With Cayman Baby Boot Camps, moms bring their baby with them to the class so it makes working out easier. The importance of establishing an exercise routine post birth is widely established and the baby camps provide the jump start that new moms may need.’

All classes are held in outdoor locations in either South Sound or near Seven Mile Beach, so it gives moms the perfect opportunity to get some fresh air while working out and still spending time with their baby. Classes are at 9am and 10am, and will run Monday to Friday

Cayman Baby Boot Camps will be run by Lori Rye who heads up the fitness operations for Cayman Sports, and previously ran very successful Baby Boot Camps in Bermuda.

‘In Bermuda the response was fantastic and I think the Cayman Baby Boot Camps will be even more successful,’ she said.

Suitable for all fitness levels, Cayman Baby Boot Camp is a 50 minute conditioning class consisting of cardio, strength training and stretching which will target all major muscle groups.

It also gives children the chance to interact and participate with mom and the other kids.

All the fitness equipment is provided and the classes are suitable for children six weeks and above.

Moms will need to bring a mat or towel and water for themselves, as well as a good stroller and blanket for the little ones.

To sign up for classes which will begin after Easter, contact either Lori at [email protected] or 9385674 (Lori) or Warren at [email protected]