Digicel keeps children safe on the internet

Digicel Cayman has recently launched KidSafe – an internet content filtering service for both postpaid and pre-paid customers.

According to the telecom’s press release, the service can be accessed as a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly subscription that blocks access to websites containing inappropriate content.

Digicel Cayman’s Chief Executive Officer, Victor Corcoran, in commenting on the introduction of KidSafe said: ‘Digicel wants to offer parents peace of mind when their children are online. Digicel has partnered with global security leaders, Checkpoint Technologies, to offer KidSafe, where hundreds of technicians are constantly updating internet blacklists and/ or white lists every day in multiple languages, into different categories.’

He further added: ‘As a father of two young daughters, this is a product I have been particularly interested in developing and launching.

‘It is great that there are measures to physically protect our youth, and now through Digicel’s KidSafe internet security, this effort can be implemented in our virtual-online reality as well. Parents and guardians can rest at ease knowing that their Digicel internet service offers protection against exposing their children to unfavorable content found online.’

The release adds that KidSafe has one key differentiator from other products in the market, such as Net Nanny and Cyber Patrol, which are client-based services and require customers to purchase CD or download software onto their computer. KidSafe operates using ‘cloud computing,’ which allows content filtering within Digicel’s network. As a result, the filter cannot be turned-off or disabled by tech savvy children.

The statement says that Digicel is constantly updating the security features of KidSafe. In addition to KidsSafe, customers can block additional sites by sending an email to [email protected] or logging unto http://mtas.surfcontrol.com/mtas/MTAS.asp .

Once pre-paid customers purchase KidSafe it will automatically filter websites for the remainder of the product period. Once confident in the effectiveness of the filtering, the product can be purchased for a longer period of time or replaced with the regular unfiltered Pay as You Surf products. Postpaid customers can call into Digicel’s Customer Care to connect to the KidSafe product. In order to allow customers to test this for themselves, the company has made the KidSafe daily service available at any Digicel dealer store.

‘Kid safe will work with existing Digicel Broadband modems so there is no need to purchase an additional modem. Unlike other client-based applications, Digicel filters your broadband connection instead of the actual computers. Therefore, a Digicel Broadband customer could have a wireless router with five computers connected and all internet traffic that passes through the broadband modem will be filtered, allowing parents to control the content viewed by their kids on their computers,’ Mr. Corcoran stressed.

For more information on Digicel’s products and services, visit www.digicelcayman.com or call 623-3444. Alternatively, visit one of Digicel’s dealer stores island-wide, including the Digicel Flagship store at Suite 3106, 45 Market Street, Gardenia Court, Camana Bay.