Civil service leaders reshuffled

New officers get top posts

Several new officers have been named to top positions within various government ministries and portfolios under the new administration.

Two chief officers will serve under Leader of Government Business and Premier-elect McKeeva Bush’s ministry. Carson Ebanks will serve as the new chief officer for tourism and development, replacing Gloria McField-Nixon in the tourism role.

A second chief officer, yet to be named, will serve under Mr. Bush’s ministry for financial services.

Mr. Bush’s ministry will also be responsible for planning, fire service, public transport, e-commerce, the Cayman Islands Investment Bureau, Cayman’s UK office, and liquor licensing.

Ms McField-Nixon will serve as the new chief officer for the Portfolio of the Civil Service, replacing Mary Rodrigues.

Mrs. Rodrigues has been appointed as the new chief officer for the Ministry of Education, serving under Minister Rolston Anglin.

Mr. Anglin’s ministry will also comprise employment services, national pensions, public libraries, the national archive and the Sunrise Adult Learning Training Centre.

Former Chief Officer of the education ministry, Angela Martins, had not been named to a new position within government at press time.

Elections Supervisor Kearney Gomez was named as chief officer of the ministry of district administration, works and gender affairs. Mr. Gomez will serve under Minister Juliana O’Connor-Connolly.

Mrs. O’Connor-Connolly’s ministry includes agriculture, lands and survey, mosquito research and control, the petroleum inspectorate, public works, postal services, vehicle licensing and equipment services, environmental health, recreation, parks and cemeteries, telecommunications, the national weather service and sports in Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

An acting chief officer, Leonard Dilbert, has been named for the Ministry of Community Affairs and Housing under Minister Mike Adam. The position still must be advertised and a permanent replacement sought.

Mr. Adam’s ministry includes children and family services, community development, family counselling service and housing development.

The acting chief officer for the Ministry of Health, under Minister Mark Scotland, is Jennifer Ahearn. The government is again advertising the position and seeking to fill it on a permanent basis.

Mr. Scotland’s ministry includes all health services, the environment, youth services, sports, and the Cadet Corps.

Former Health and Human Services Ministry chief officer Diane Montoya had also not been named to a new position in government as of press time.