Caybrew might fizzle out

The second half of Cayman’s flag football season is a dicey one.

Many teams are on the edge of a playoff spot and are looking to do their best to get a shot at a title.

Though the historically better teams have remained top there is still room for a big move from a surprise player this year.

First of all talk centers around the Caybrew Farm Soldiers and their fall from grace in the men’s division.

As impressive as the undefeated Hellcats have been the Farm Soldiers have been the opposite. The squad is struggling to have a winning record (they are at 3-3 going into this weekend’s bye) and have dealt with all sorts of injury.

To their credit they’ve done to stay ahead of the also-rans in the division with guys like John Murphy and Tito Solomon stepping up in a big way this season.

However with the way Maples and Burger King are steadily improving, Luigi Moxam and company will need to rattle off four wins in the second half to secure a playoff berth.

To win four out of six games is a step. It’s possible but unlikely. Thus the door is very much open for the likes of Maples.

With so much attention going to Doghouse and other clubs, Maples have quietly gone about their business.

Though Maples are outside the top four spots, they have looked good in spurts. With two impressive wins and at least two tough losses to their resume they certainly have the heart and players to cause an upset.

Another team on the upswing is the Burger King Panthers. Veterans Brendon Malice and Rhod Taylor steady a relatively inexperienced squad that is just starting to gel.

If their offense gets rolling they can add three more wins onto their record and give other teams the blues.

On the women’s side, everything is wide open after the top two teams. The Ace Paint Panthers may be 3-2 but their two losses were not pretty. If their defense does not tighten up (the side has allowed 102 points) they could be on the outside looking in at a playoff spot.

On the flip-side the offense has been good behind Lisa Malice and multi-sport star Alecia Dixon.

The Lady Sharks and Dynamitez have also had their dull moments. Both clubs come into this weekend at 2-3.

Their hustle has to be there to stay in playoff contention. Stars like Scimone Campbell for the Sharks and Lisa Juaneza for the Dynamitez have to continue to bring their A games in order to steady their respective crews.

If not there’s a chance, albeit a slim one, that the Andro Killa-Watts and Maples Touchdown Divas can cash in with a turnaround of epic proportions.