Lyndon Martin’s trial date confirmed

Attorneys agreed on Wednesday that the trial of Lyndon Martin will start as scheduled on 31 August.

He is accused of doing acts tending and intended to pervert the course of public justice and falsely accusing Deputy Police Commissioner Anthony Ennis of a crime.

The matter was brought before Justice Alexander Henderson on 14 August, when Defence Attorney Ben Tonner mentioned the timing of the trial.

He explained that lead counsel, Trevor Burke QC, was involved in a trial in the UK that was ‘over-running quite dramatically’. He advised that Mr. Burke might be unable to attend court in Cayman until his current trial was completed.

He asked for another mention to sort out dates.

This week, Mr. Tonner advised that the 31 August start date was no longer a problem and Mr. Burke would be on-island in good time.

Crown Counsel Elisabeth Lees said the Prosecution was also ready, with Andrew Radcliffe QC presenting the case.

Both charges against Lyndon Martin carry the same details and cover time frames between mid-July and the end of September 2007.

The first charge alleges that, with intent to pervert the course of public justice he did a series of acts which had the tendency to pervert the course of public justice in that he falsely alleged that Anthony Ennis had ‘wilfully misconducted himself in a public office, namely that of Deputy Commissioner of Police’.

He is accused of doing this by supplying Desmond Seales – the publisher of Cayman Net News – with confidential and/or sensitive police material and/or informing Desmond Seales that other senior police offers in the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service had behaved discreditably in their personal and professional lives.

The second charge is falsely accusing Mr. Ennis of a crime, namely misconduct in public office.