Green Globe teaches new standards

A Green Globe workshop recently gave an update on its new standards for indexing and certification.

The workshop was attended by staff from the Departments of Environment and Tourism, as well as representatives from the pilot properties of the Cayman Islands Environmental Project for the Tourism Sector, said a press release.

The environmental project is a pilot one designed to improve environmental awareness, efficiency and performance in both the private and public sector of the tourism industry, with the ultimate goal of having the participants be Green Globe certified.

Pilot properties include Cobalt Coast, Compass Point, Little Cayman Beach Resort, Southern Cross Club, Botanic Park and the Departments of Environment and Tourism.

Green Globe 21 was established in 1992 at The United Nations Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit. Today, it serves as a sustainability tool for properties around the world, using environmental standards as guidelines that businesses can follow in their pursuit to become environmentally and socio-economically responsible.

All businesses certified by Green Globe receive a variety of promotional opportunities. Businesses are recognized by AAA (American Automobile Club), British Airways Holidays, Air Canada Vacations, Travelocity, and other tour operators. Certified businesses are also promoted across all Green Globe websites, including