Oilers find the Sharks hard to totally subdue

The WestTel Youth Roller Hockey League is in full swing at King’s Sports Centre.

In game one in the PeeWee division the Five Continents Leafs faced off against the Hurley’s Hawks. Alex Agemian, son of local coach Patrick Agemian, volunteered to mind the Hawks’ net.

Like his dad, young Alex gave great attention to detail on the court and his defensive play won him Player of the Game for Hurleys.

In a very close game, the Leafs full-time goalie Sean Whewell would be the difference as he kept his team in the game.

However the Hawks offense would hit on all cylinders and see the final score read 6-5.

New sponsor Randy Merren was rink-side to watch his team in the nail-biter and was very pleased with the win.

Merren had more than a passing interest however as his son Dylan also plays on the team.

High point scorers in this game went to the Hawks’ Finn Walker (5) and Nicole Whittaker (3).

Game 2 in the PeeWee Division saw the Vampt Oilers face-off against the Appleby Sharks. Once again the Sharks got off to a rusty start as the Oilers scored a couple of unanswered goals.

Vampt Oilers senior player Marc Reid joined the game straight after winning a tennis match to help lead his team in a great offensive attack against the Sharks.

But in routine fashion the Sharks swam back into the game. With shouts of encouragement from their goalie Dylan Bostock, the Sharks got their offense rolling and quickly posted goals.

In the end it would prove to be a very evenly matched game with the final score reading 6-6.

Players of the game went to the Sharks’ Josiah Derksen and Oilers Cameron Bridgeman.

High point scorers in the game were the Sharks’ Tynan Klein (5), Josiah Derksen (4) and the Oilers’ Cameron Bridgeman (3).

Honourable mention goes to the Sharks net-minder Bostock for earning a point on an assist when he passed the puck to Klein who passed it to Derksen for the goal.

The Atom Division had two entertaining match-ups. Game one saw the Animal House Penguins win over the LOM Capitals with a final score of 12-4.

Players of the game went to the high points scorers: for the Penguins it was Scott Lewis and Jamie Williams, each with six points and Cameron Galloway with four points for the Capitals.

Game two in the Atom Division saw a solid win for the KPMG Senators with a final score of 6-1 over the Eats Blazers.

Michael Boucher (Senators) and Zach Alpert (Blazers) were players of the game with high points scorers from the Senators Ryan Lloyd (4) and Matt Somerville (3).

In Novice Division play, Game one action saw the Dms Bruins take their second straight win in a 5-3 finish over the XN Financial Rangers.

Bruins’ Justin Hastings and Kai Robinson each tallied three points while Rangers Douglas Rowland earned two points. Players of the Game were Ethan Slocock (Bruins) and Sarah Jackson (Flames).

Despite the final score, Jackson, just nine years-old, thoroughly enjoyed playing goal for the Flames for the first time.

It would have been easy to let nervousness get the better of her but, displaying fine hockey-player sportsmanship Sarah said her team was behind her.

‘Even in goal it is a team effort because our defence played hard to keep the puck away from our goal.’

Game two in the Novice division saw a 10-6 final score with Coldwell Banker Rangers overcoming a valiant first half effort from the Walkers Blue Iguanas.

High points leaders for the Rangers were Jered Holmes (5) while Lex Dobson and Brad Lansdell each tallied three points. For the Iguanas it was Ben Somerville, Cassidy Amesbury and David Pitcairn each with three points.

Players of the Game were Brad Lansdell (Rangers) and Ben Somerville (Iguanas).

The WestTel Youth Roller Hockey League continues at Kings Sports Centre on Saturdays with eight games played from 8am through to 4pm.

Game schedules are posted at www.caymanactive.com/csahockey.