Richard is prime target to topple

In most sports surprising success brings much pressure.

Onlookers have heightened expectations, opponents play harder and that success is hard to repeat.

In the world of local darts pressure falls squarely on its brightest young talent in Richard Campbell.

That is because Campbell, a multi-sport star, is the defending champion of the Vivian Rankine Memorial Darts tournament.

The competition is one of the bigger events on the local scene and honours the memory of the late Vivian Rankine.

Rankine passed away a little over a decade ago in 1998. Rankine was an officer for the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service and was an avid sports enthusiast, especially with darts.

Last year Campbell surprised all by winning the singles event as a rookie in a dramatic showdown with 2008 Caribbean champion Edsell Haylock.

From there Campbell would take down Filipino player Ray Bylon in the tournament championship to win the overall title.

Campbell may have a sizeable bull’s-eye on his back but at least he can take heart in the fact that the tournament will retain its exciting, unpredictable format from last year.

Tournament organizer Martin Bodden takes great pride in the competition design and explains how it works out.

‘Just like last year the tournament will open with a round-robin format.

‘Essentially players will step up and play to be placed in either the A (pro) or B (novice) division.

‘Once the players are evenly split then division games commence to determine the top three players in both divisions.

‘From there comes the knockout stage featuring those top three players and the championship match.’

The format applies to the singles, doubles and overall championship.

The tournament is expected to start in a little over three weeks on Saturday October 31.

Corner Pocket will be the site of the tournament which sees its finals on Sunday November 1.