LIME squads toned for Mexico

The fifth and final tournament in the LIME summer sevens series was played on Saturday with some truly exhilarating rugby all around.

The X107.1 national women’s team won both of their matches against a very tough Eagle Rays and Sharks side who fought to the last despite injury woes.

The women now set their sights on Mexico and the NACRA regional tournament against Jamaica, Trinidad, Mexico, Guyana, St Lucia and the Bahamas.

In the social division CML Ama Tsotsi amassed 68 points as they won all three of their matches to finish all five tournaments without a loss against RE/MAX Knackers, Maples and the Caybrew Clydesdales. The Clydesdales came in second with Maples in third.

In the premier division coach Richard ‘Grizz’ Adams selected nine players from the Maples Academy team to represent Cayman in Mexico and played the nine in the LIME/Maples seven.

Mike Wilson was unvailable, Josh and Joel Clarke are joining the team in Mexico from University in the UK along with Robbie Cribb at College in the USA.

In the first game against the BPC Buccaneers the LIME/Maples team showed just how much they have improved running in seven tries and winning the match 43 to 10.

The second match was somewhat tougher against the Butterfield O’Neill Wolfhounds in which the LIME/Maples side defended for much of the game.

The team did well to score ten points and keep the Wolfhounds out. In the final match of the tournament The LIME/Maples side won the final 22 -12 against the BPC Buccaneers to take the Estella Scott-Roberts Trophy for the first time, presented by LIME CEO Anthony Ritch.

Coach Adams is happy with the team’s progress so far.

He said: ‘The players and team are definitely improving each week and almost from game to game.

‘The Maples academy has been invaluable for us for the past few years and the programme has taken on a new format this year whereby I am really starting to streamline the sevens players into the sevens game as specialists rather than both 15s and sevens players.

‘We now train a minimum of three days per week and regardless of what happens in Mexico the Maples Academy program will continue to ramp up the preparation of these players for the rest of the year and through next year as we fix the Olympics in 2016 squarely in our sights.’