Police newbies headed to school

Recruits will attend UCCI

Recruits of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service are going to university.

They will be enrolled at the University College of the Cayman Islands by the middle of 2010.

Commissioner David Baines made the announcement during the recruit’s graduation ceremony at the Harquail Theatre Friday.

‘The recruits today will be the first to be inducted into a partnership of training the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service is undertaking with the University College of the Cayman Islands,’ he said.

‘The partnership will see a new approach to policing and the attainment of accredited academic qualifications for police training that will lead to degree level attainment for future recruits to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.’

Police recruits will first work toward a foundation certificate in policing during their two-year probationary period as officers. They will then have the option to earn a full diploma and even progress to a master’s degree qualification.

‘I see this as a key step in ensuring policing attracts and retains capable people, committed to the people of these Islands and capable of meeting the demands of the 21stt Century,’ he said.

UCCI President Roy Bodden said the partnership sets the template for future relations between UCCI and community organisations.

‘We at UCCI welcome this opportunity and look forward to a fruitful and productive association with the RCIP,’ Mr. Bodden said.

Commissioner Baines thanked the 13 recruits, five females and eight males, for their hard work and endeavours in taking on the responsibility of becoming police officers.

He urged the new recruits to remember their training, the law and the oath they took.

‘Do not be afraid to make mistakes,’ he said, ‘You will make them on your first day and I assure you on your last; learn from them. People do not expect perfection; they will forgive your mistakes if you were trying to do your best.’

New recruits recognised

This year’s new recruits were given awards for academic, physical performance and drill.

Ava-Marie Parkinson was awarded best overall student and best academic student.

Leroy Cunningham was awarded best physical performance and Damion Thomas was awarded best drill.

Along with Leo Anglin, Nevron Bradshaw, Oliver Burrell, Ruthney Clarke, Shane Ennis, Lennox Gayle, Keisha Minott, Jodi-Ann Tater, Cheryl Williams and Raphael Williams, make up the new recruiting class two of 2009._