BECOME takes aim at plastic bags

plastic bag reduction campaign, Cayman BECOME, has been launched.

campaign is the creation of much hard work between the businesses and agencies
that worked to form the Corporate Green Team Network.

Cayman BECOME campaign aims to promote the use of reusable shopping bags
instead of plastic, and to encourage members of the community to take their own
reusable bags when they shop. To support the campaign Foster’s, Hurley’s and
Kirk supermarkets are in the process of replacing non-degradable plastic bags
with biodegradable versions, and will be introducing a charge of 5 cents for
these bags on 9 June. Reusable bags will continue to be sold in-store.

network began in June 2009, Deloitte Cayman and the Sustainable Development
Unit of the Department of Environment struck up a partnership to promote and support
increasing awareness and implementation of environmental projects and
sustainability initiatives in the Cayman Islands. From this partnership has
come the “Corporate Green Team Network”.

Deloitte Cayman and the DOE recognised that many companies were trying to do
their bit for the environment, but often felt they were working in isolation,
so a network was started to provide a platform to come together, connect,
coordinate efforts and ultimately work towards the same goal – the sustainability
of the Cayman Islands.

Corporate Green Team Network aims to facilitate sharing and learning about
experiences in putting in place environmentally responsible and sustainable
practices in the workplace, to generate new ideas and to pool efforts in
sharing these experiences with a wider audience. Members are also committed to
pursuing particular sustainability issues together outside of their “Green
Team” internal groups, which they feel could make a difference encouraging
environmental responsibility and sustainability in the community as a whole.

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on the Corporate Green Team Network, Cayman BECOME and what to expect, go to