Monsters have to be ferocious

It’s a monster task but they think
they can do it. Lone Star Jager Monster are the most improved team of the
season and their reward is facing the more seasoned Hammerheads Lady Sharks in
the Domino’s Pizza Ladies Division championship final tomorrow at the Ed Bush
Stadium in West Bay. The Monsters have really gelled as a team in recent weeks
after inconsistent early season form. They beat defending champions Walkers
Wonders 20-6 last Saturday to reach the final. 

Monsters quarterback Ali Amos said:
“We’ve had a long road to where we are now. 
We never expect anything to be easy. Our first playoff game was an offensive
battle against a strong Chiro Spa team that ended in an over time battle and
53-52 victory. Walkers were next and being the defending champions of last year
it was a battle.

“Our defence showed up huge last
Saturday holding two goal line stands before we got eight on the board with a
touchdown and a two point conversion, both to Renee Thompson.

At the half we were up 8-0. Wanda
Brenton picked off an interception and almost returned it for the next score.
One play later our captain, Michelle McTaggart, pulled in the next six points.
Walkers responded with six of their own. As the two minute clock wound down
Renee picked up another six. Final score being 20-6.

“I wouldn’t say that there have
been any real stars this season. Every game is different and someone stands up
and makes the big plays. Our season had a rocky start and we weren’t even sure
we’d make the playoffs at one point, so to be playing in the championship game
is very exciting. We’ll take on that game as we have with all of them. Practice
hard with our coaches, Doss Solomon and Phil Brown. Take the game one play at a
time, never let up on defence and execute our plays quick and smart on

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