Sharks can terrorise any team

The fact that the Hammerheads Lady
Sharks comprehensively beat Appleby 56-0 in the playoff semi-finals of flag
football’s women’s league indicates what overwhelming favourites they are to
lift the title.

The final is at the Ed Bush Stadium
in West Bay tomorrow and the startling thing is that the Sharks were without
some key players, including their captain Kathy Miller, a Radio Cayman sales person.

“I was in Washington DC attending a
radio conference and no flight combination allowed me to return early enough on
Saturday before the game,” said Miller.

The rout might have been an even
bigger margin had she played. She plays snapper on offense and mostly corner
this season on defence.

Although Walkers Wonders were the
reigning champs, Lady Sharks were relishing sinking their teeth into them – not
literally! – in the final. But a depleted Walkers side lost in the semis to the
Lone Star Jager Monsters.

“We came into the season with the
attitude that we are the champions,” said Miller. “About half the team has
played together for two years or longer, so we have a good chemistry.

No team can succeed without
practice and determination, and to quote Vince Lombardi: ‘Winning is a habit’.

The practice, the support we have
for each other, as well as being focused and determined during our games has
definitely been a factor to our success as a team.

Appleby are still a very new team,
with some great athletes. They will continually get stronger, as should be
expected and it’s impressive that they’ve been able to make the playoffs as
what we consider a brand new team.

“Everyone on our team equally
contributes so I wouldn’t say we have stars, but I’d like to shine some light
on our rookies. Courtisha Ebanks has no doubt the best hands in the game.

She was awarded goalkeeper of the
year last year by the football association and goalkeeper of the year for Elite
Sports Club this year. Watching her catch makes it all seem so effortless.

“Alexandra Terry, who has been
representing Cayman for a number of years in track and field, also brought a
lot of power, speed and strength in our game. She was a natural to flag

Christania McLean comes from a
basketball background and her aggression and height was also a good advantage.
We were pretty methodical in selecting some rookies for our team that we could
keep building to have a strong roster.

“We’ve had a great season. We only
lost two games and we’ve accumulated the most points for a team since the association
started. And our goal was to score high each game, so we’ve been successful in
accomplishing that.

We did have some difficulties with
four players leaving midway for school and with another teammate being injured
for the past month, so our roster is depleted.

However, we just had to play
smarter and it has made it a bit more challenging and we’re up for that.”

So how does Miller expect to do in
their Monster task? “Like I said…winning is a habit. The Jager Monsters are
about to get Jager-bombed. We’re coming in with the same formula we’ve had all
season, which is practice hard, stay focused and determined and play the game
like we know how. They have a lot of blocking and like to play dirty, but our
game speaks for itself.”

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