Dump cameras not working

Three cameras were not operational when Anna Evans vanished

A third of the security cameras at the George Town landfill were not working when Anna Evans disappeared, the Director of Environmental Health Roydell Carter said this week.

In a press release issued from the Department of Environmental Health, which runs the dump, Mr. Carter said three of the nine security cameras installed at the dump last year were not operational when Ms Evans disappeared on 27 January.

Mr. Carter said the footage from the six other cameras had been handed over to police, who had reviewed the images.

He said the three cameras that were not working had been awaiting the importation of parts, adding that his department had installed the surveillance equipment in July last year to help with “management and security issues”.

“We have reviewed the relevant footage with the police to see if there were clues regarding what happened to Anna,” Mr. Carter said, adding that staff had given police any information and details they thought might be helpful to the investigation.

The director said his department was continuing to work with police to locate Ms Evans, 37, who is the mother of five children.

Police, Department of Environment Health staff and volunteers, along with K-9 dogs brought in from the United States, spent several days searching the dump, where Ms Evans worked as a spotter directing dump trucks where to unload.

Ms Evans’ handbag was found, but her cell phone has not been recovered.

The dump was partially closed while the search continued, but it resumed full operations on 3 February.

Mr. Carter also urged the public to refrain from circulating “malicious and untrue rumours that pointed fingers at Anna’s colleagues”.

“These rumours are causing deep distress among the staff; all of Anna’s colleagues are heartbroken over her disappearance.

“We all continue to pray for her return and we will not relent in our effort to provide support for her grieving family and help with this search,” he said.

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