Editorial for April 15: A good news story to report

As much grief as the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service gets when things go badly, they should get just as much praise when things go well.

And that’s what we intend to do.

The top story on today’s front page informs that we’ve had two weeks without a robbery in the Cayman Islands. The story that there hasn’t been a robbery is there because we habitually put crime stories on the front and the fact that we’ve gone two weeks without this crime is, in fact, news.

The police have been quietly and systematically taking the bad guys off the streets.

At the start of 2011 it was looking like this was going to be a crime-riddled year as we reported day after day of new robberies of businesses, individuals and one bank.

The spike in robberies had those in the tourism industry wringing their hands and worrying about luring visitors to our shores. It also had residents worrying and losing confidence in the police force.

But just because the rash of robberies has come to a stop, we shouldn’t let down our guard.

There will always be people looking for opportunities to gain money at the expense of others.

Too, even if those who have been arrested are convicted, they will one day be released from prison. Don’t expect them to be reformed while they are behind bars.
Businesses and individuals should continue to keep themselves safe and guard against potential robbers and thieves.

We simply cannot let our country get in the condition of other Caribbean islands where crime is rampant and out of control. Tourists shy away from those countries and islands and spend their discretionary income in other destinations. We need all of the discretionary money visitors are willing to leave on our shores. We don’t need a crime problem to keep them away.

And residents shouldn’t be afraid to walk down the street or keep their doors open to catch a breeze in their homes.

The fact that we have had two weeks without a robbery on Grand Cayman is indeed a good news story and we’re happy to tell it.


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