New spa for cars in Red Bay

The Auto Spa Car Wash off Godfrey Nixon Way, which has been in business for over seven years, has added a second location.

The new, fully automated facility is across the street from the Red Bay Primary School on the outskirts of George Town and features state-of-the art technology that will deliver what owner Joey Ebanks said will be “top of the line service.”

He explained why he chose the new location and what he hoped to achieve for his customers.

“I picked this location because of the traffic. There are over 36,000 cars going around that roundabout every 24 hours and with 56,00 cars on the Island in total, what that says to me is that most of the cars, or more than 50 per cent, are on this portion of the Island.”

Mr. Ebanks added that he wanted to avail these potential customers of convenient service.

“A lot of times people want to wash their cars but can’t or don’t have the time during working hours. This is a prime location for those people who live East of Grand Harbour and may not be able to get to the facility off Godfrey Nixon Way.”

100 cars per hour

Known in the community as a true Caymanian Entrepreneur, Mr. Ebanks said that he spotted and bought the land for the new Auto Spa operation some three years before the facility was built.

He also talked about the capabilities of his new operation.

“The tunnel is a lot bigger and we can now do 100 cars per hour, whereas we were doing about 40 cars per hour before. We will also be encouraging customers to stay inside their cars, as there is more space,” said Mr. Ebanks.

He added that consumers should not think one facility is better than the next, however.

“We have done some re-outfitting to the facility off Godfrey Nixon Way and the two are uniform,” he said.

The new Auto Spa location is the third car wash introduced to the Cayman Islands by Mr. Ebanks. His first was the Just Jeeps operation in the 1990s, which he opened on the advice of his good friend and business partner Max Pasley. After selling Just Jeeps in 1998, Mr. Ebanks said, he “went on to other things” elsewhere.

Upon moving back to the Cayman Islands he saw the need to develop another car wash. As a result, the Auto Spa was launched in 2004. After being damaged by Hurricane Ivan, it was rebuilt and reopened in January 2005.

Upon visiting the new Auto Spa location, the Caymanian Compass had the fortune of encountering two of the developers responsible for some of the crucial equipment that will be in operation at the Auto Spa.


Bud Abraham, CEO of Detail Plus, explained the benefits of the systems offered by his company, as well as how they would help Auto Spa.

“Automated chemical mixing, steam cleaning your carpets, and organisation that is like a surgery room are all characteristics of this style of maintenance. It’s all about creating less mess, getting the most from use of chemicals and other resources, as well as streamlining the operation so that it is effortless,” said Mr. Abraham.

The vacuums at the new Auto Spa have been provided courtesy of Vacuutech and are considered to be among the best on the market, owners say.

Owner and CEO Tom Tucker said, “We just make vacuums. That’s all we do. Each system is custom and so Joey has got something that is unique to his car wash.”

Mr. Tucker added that the vacuums provided by Vacuutech cannot be purchased in stores and is made specifically for the kind of service Auto Spa wants to offer its customers.

A soft opening of the new Auto Spa is tentatively scheduled for sometime 
in May.