Thank a teacher today

World Teachers’ Day is celebrated annually on the 5th October in more than 100 countries. Today I join with communities around the world in using this day to honour and thank our educators; some of the most influential people in our children’s lives and our own lives.

This year’s theme for World Teachers’ Day is Teachers for Gender Equality. The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation and Education International chose this theme because, “Despite the teaching profession being made up largely of women, inequality remains an issue. Even if measures to ensure equality are enshrined into the policies and constitutions of many states, for millions of female teachers, the goals remain unfulfilled. The teaching profession, both men and women, must unite and urge governments to implement their commitments,” (

This important theme ties in well with the work of this government and its movement on the Gender Equality Law, which was recently passed and will come into effect in January 2012. The Gender Equality Law will provide the legal framework needed to ensure that both males and females are treated fairly in the workplace and will not be discriminated against, especially in regards to their gender; this will of course apply to the teaching profession as well as all other professions. I would like to commend my colleague, Minister Adam, and his team in bringing this most important legislation to fruition and I am proud to say that the Cayman Islands are already embracing the gender equality theme by implementing the necessary legislation.

Teaching is an occupation that should be honoured and respected. After all, “Teaching is the profession that teaches all other professions,” (Anonymous quote). Too often; however, our educators are undervalued.

I encourage everyone to honour our teachers. Thank them for their influence and contributions to your lives and your children’s lives. Show appreciation toward them, especially on this day, World Teacher’s Day.

On behalf of the Ministry of Education I would like to thank each and every educator in the Cayman Islands for their hard work and dedication to our children and our future. William Arthur Ward, an American scholar and teacher said, “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” I encourage you all to strive to be great teachers!

Rolston Anglin, 
Minister of Education, Training and Employment