Officials touring schools, meeting students, staffs

Minister of Education Rolston Anglin is continuing to visit schools and meet with administrators and teachers as officials try to comprehend issues facing educators in the Cayman Islands and respond with policies to address those concerns. 

School visits are typically scheduled for the first quarter of the school year and include representatives from the education ministry and department of education.  

The itinerary for each visit includes a tour of the school, followed by separate meetings with the school’s senior management and teachers.  

This year’s school visits began with the Lighthouse School. Other visits have followed at Red Bay and East End Primary schools, as well as Clifton Hunter High School.  

Mr. Anglin is visiting other locations this week.  

“Visiting schools at the start of each school year gives me an opportunity to gather insights on what’s happening on the ground at schools and talk with teachers who are on the frontline daily,” Mr. Anglin said. “It comes down to seeing first hand all the good work that’s happening with our teachers in the classroom and giving them an opportunity to meet, voice their concerns and needs, and discuss areas they’d like the ministry to focus on.” 

During past school visits, Mr. Anglin and his delegation have heard both good and bad, in terms of implemented improvements and items still in need of attention. 

Mr. Anglin and education officials plan to visit all schools falling under the purview of the ministry of education. 

Anglin visits schools

Lighthouse School teacher Heather Williams, seated, discusses challenges with Minister of Education Rolston Anglin, second from left, and his delegation.–- Photo: Submitted

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