Southern Cross Club ups 
the ante with improvements

The Southern Cross Club on Little Cayman has added to its tourism offering by constructing a 400 square-feet roof deck.

“We shut down for eight weeks in the summer as we and many others do every year,” owner Peter Hillenbrand said. “At the main house there was an atrium in the middle with no roof, so we put a roof on that and turned it into a check-in and office area.

“On top of that we put a deck which is about 25 feet off the sand – it offers a really nice view of South Hole Sound,” Mr. Hillenbrand said. “I think it will be a popular lunch spot; we will host anniversary dinners there, private dinners and stuff like that.”

There will be room for about 20 diners on the new deck, he said.

Tourism season

Things are shaping up decently for the upcoming season, Mr. Hillenbrand said.

“We took a dip of about 30 per cent during the 2008-09 downturn and last year we made up 15 per cent, although average guest spending was down a little bit. Going by deposits and reservations we are looking at the same as last year,” Mr. Hillenbrand said. “While it is good and we are getting people here it is still not what it was prior to 2008. It is going to take a better sense of confidence from the media. It seems to me that for middle class and upper class the recession isn’t killing them but the lower class is hurting pretty bad. That’s my impression.”

Any small property needs to continually be able to tell its repeat visitors about which improvements have taken place during the year, the hotelier said.

“I think in the Sister Islands we are cautiously optimistic. I don’t think we are going to have a gangbuster year, tourism-wise, but we ought to be able to keep our heads above water, which is good.”


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