Editorial for 17 November: Cayman Thanksgiving is good news

There’s a general principle in the media business that bad
news sells.

But sometimes, we in the media can become so preoccupied
with reporting the bad news that we forget to report the good news.

Take the launching of Cayman Thanksgiving, for example.
There’s no bad news there. In fact, it’s hard to find anything objectionable
with an initiative that encourages being thankful for the many blessings we
have here in Cayman; that promotes unity in an increasingly divided society;
that asks us to give to those less fortunate among us; that embraces local food
culture; and that centres around a gathering of family and friends for a
celebratory meal.

In a society that has become almost shell-shocked with
steady stream of bad news, we would think the media would want to report some
good news for a change. Yet at a news conference to launch Cayman Thanksgiving
on Tuesday night, only one of Cayman’s many media outlets – Cayman Free Press –
showed up.

Yes, it’s a very busy time, but had this been a media
conference about a government scandal or a serious crime, the media would have
found a way to be there.

We don’t mean to pick on the other media here; the truth is,
we have been just as guilty of neglecting the good news sometimes, either by
ignoring it or by not giving it the prominence it deserved. So today, we offer
a bit of good news to the country on the front page.

It is especially good because Cayman Thanksgiving isn’t a
government initiative that can be linked to any kind of political agenda. Nor
is Cayman Thanksgiving a religious initiative that promotes one belief system
over another. Although it supports Cayman’s church-going traditions in
encouraging the attendance of a worship service, Cayman Thanksgiving can still
be celebrated by those who don’t go to church.

Cayman Thanksgiving is merely a home-grown, apolitical
initiative that comes from the heart and a desire to make the Cayman Islands a
better place to live. In our bad news dominated society, it’s exactly the kind
of good news we need.




  1. The melting pot has finally found Cayman.. lets sit down and talk turkey or is it eat turkey..

    Chokes me up, makes me feel like singing our national song..

    – O land of soft, fresh breezes
    And verdant trees so fair,
    With the Creator’s glory
    Reflected ev’rywhere,
    O sea of palest em’rald,
    Merging to darkest blue,
    Whene’er my thoughts fly Godward,
    I always think of you.
    Dear, verdant island, set in blue Caribbean Sea,
    I’m coming, coming very soon, O beautious isle, to thee.
    Although I wandered far,
    My heart enshrines thee yet.
    Homeland, fair Cayman Isle,
    I cannot thee forget.
    – Away from noise of cities,
    Their fret and carking care,
    With moonbeams’ soft caresses,
    Unchecked by garish glare,
    Thy fruit with rarest juices,
    Abundant, rich and free,
    When sweet church bells are chiming,
    My fond heart yearns for thee.
    – When tired of all excitement
    And glam’rous worldly care,
    How sweet thy shores to reach
    And find a welcome there,
    And when comes on the season
    Of peace, goodwill to man,
    ‘Tis then I love thee best of all,
    Beloved Isle Cayman.

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