Cayman featured in bucket list book

One-stop tome for world travellers

It’s not just round-headed Gervais stooge Karl Pilkington who’s got a bucket list.

Because you don’t have to be an idiot to be abroad.

1,000 Places to See Before You Die is a comprehensive new travel book out on Workman Publishing – the clue’s in the title, folks.

The Cayman Islands is of course included and praised for ‘dramatic walls and drop-offs’ at the North Wall, plus Stingray City, Seven Mile Beach and the hotels. The book also mentions such events as Cayman Cookout and the Ritz-Carlton’s Ambassadors of the Environment scheme. Little Cayman is praised for being ‘relatively undeveloped’.

“Iguanas far outnumber the 100 full-time human residents and a colony of 20,000 red-footed Boobies populates the Caribbean’s largest bird sanctuary,” the book reads.

Insatiable curiosity

Author Patricia Schultz tells us that the original edition of the book came out in 2003 and ‘the ink as still damp’ when she began thinking of what changes needed to be made.

“That is the nature of the beast in the world of travel books. Things are forever changing… this time I had a clearer direction and a more specific idea of what I wanted to do, while the first book was more of an organic project that morphed over time into its eventual shape.

“But the criteria for this new compilation remained the same: these would be places well-known and not, that deserved a place on my own personal Life List,” said the New York-born author.

She adds that travellers are insatiable and curious in general and that the book is about the world’s best and worst kept secrets.

That initial, 1,000-page book was eight years in the research and there are 200 new destinations this time around, with extensive revisions and additions to China, Russia, India and various former Soviet Bloc states.

The real deal

Like every traveller, it is the discovery of new experiences that drives Patricia. Whilst research is extensive, she says, there is nothing like experiencing the real deal.

“Far-flung places like Bhutan and Papua New Guinea were even more remarkable than I had anticipated, while more accessible places like Scotland and Argentina surprised me with their beauty,” remarks Patricia.

The question for someone so well-travelled is obvious: is there one simple thing that any traveller can do to enhance their experience?


Reading through the book, that’s going to be easy: the only difficulty is finding several hundred thousand dollars to pay for the adventures – or, alternatively, a short walk down to Seven Mile Beach, one of the wonders of the world.

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