Police call Kerran Baker case a ‘murder’

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service is investigating six homicides that occurred last year.

One of the cases involves missing Jamaican nurse Kerran Baker, who disappeared from her home in late July. The other five were a series of gang-related shootings that happened within two weeks of each other in September.

The January 2011 disappearance of landfill worker Anna Evans is not being classified as a murder, according to police records.

“Anna Evans is a missing person, there is no evidence at this stage to suggest that a criminal act has taken place,” read a statement issued by a police spokesperson on Tuesday.

“The circumstances surrounding Kerran’s disappearance are entirely different and the investigation into her disappearance led the RCIPS to classify the case a murder.”

A man was arrested late last year in connection with Ms Baker’s disappearance. He was released on police bail.

The case remains under investigation, police said.

There have been no arrests in connection with Mrs. Evans’ case.

The RCIPS also clarified there were seven murder cases from 2010, not five as earlier reported. That means the official murder tally dropped by one from year-to-year.

“Anna Evans is a missing person, there is no evidence at this stage to suggest that a criminal act has taken place.”



  1. If the police can conclude that Kerran’s case is murder and they are unable to rule the same on Ana’s case.

    Then they are telling on themselves. They are withholding crucial information to an arrest prosecution and sentencing.
    After all they made two arrest on the same person suspect.

    Why is there not a case why is it taking them longer than a full year to bring justice to Ana and especially Kerran Baker since they are sure that she was murdered. What do they know, that we don’t know.
    If they are sure she was murdered why is it that no one is being held?
    Is that why so many police were let go? tampering with evidence? something is not smelling right here…seems like a breach somewhere.

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